How to Reduce Your Heating Bills

Millions of UK households are living in fuel poverty and numbers are on the rise. If you are one of the many struggling to afford to heat your home, you need to find out if you could be entitled to help from the government. The Committee on Fuel Poverty recently reported that there are 2.55 […]

10 things you should know about Boiler Grants

Unless you’ve been living in a cave these past few years there’s a very good chance that you’ll have heard all about the Government’s energy company funded boiler grant scheme. In a nutshell, if you’re on specific benefits and meet set criteria there’s a free boiler grant out there with your name on it. Well […]

Free boiler grants for pensioners under Government ECO scheme

Did you know that as a pensioner you might be eligible for a boiler grant as part of the Government’s Energy Company Obligation? With thousands of homes across the UK looking to get their hands on a new replacement boiler, if you’re a pensioner and you’re in receipt of Pension Guarantee Credit, or other certain […]

Can I still get a boiler replacement grant?

Despite recent funding cuts boiler grants are still available to people who meet the eligibility requirements. Could you be one of them? Originally introduced in January 2013 the scheme provided qualifying households with grants to install brand new energy efficient boilers. Take up of the scheme has been very popular, and in some cases homeowners […]

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